Replace One, Several, or All Missing Teeth with our Multiple Denture Options

Tooth loss is a dental situation that should be fixed immediately whenever possible. Why? Missing teeth can lead to dental problems such as an uneven bite, TMJ disorder, and reduced oral function, while healthy teeth contribute to a confident smile. The good news is that several teeth replacement options exist to ensure you don’t endure an edentulous smile for long.

Our team at Gerald Middleton DDS in Riverside, California, uses dentures and partials to replace one or several teeth. Artfully placed by Drs. Gerald Middleton and Adria Cate, our denture options provide cosmetic and functional benefits like your own teeth.

Denture options to replace missing teeth

Our office encounters edentulous patients with different needs. Some are bothered with one missing tooth, while others have several or all missing teeth. Sometimes, patients come to us disappointed by their ineligibility to undergo oral surgery for implants. 

Whether you have lost one or multiple teeth, our denture treatments can solve your tooth loss. Our skilled doctors offer the following denture options for addressing missing teeth:

  • Complete dentures: Missing all teeth in the lower, upper arch, or both? Full dentures can seamlessly complete your smile with predictable restorations. Complete dentures comprise artificial teeth secured by a flesh-colored base perfectly molded to fit your gums. These dentures are secured using adhesives and suction, but many patients prefer implant dentures because of their unrivaled stability.
  • Immediate dentures: Do you know you can walk out of our office with a complete smile after tooth extraction? We offer immediate dentures that restore your smile after extracting one or more natural teeth. However, since these dentures aren’t custom-fitted, they must be replaced in the future with customized dentures for optimal comfort.
  • Partials: Partial dentures, or simply partials, are designed like conventional (complete) dentures, only that they are secured by the remaining teeth in the mouth. Partials replace one or multiple teeth using a set of artificial teeth resting on a gum-colored base. Partials are clasped to the adjacent teeth using thin, discreet metal clasps. These clasps are detachable, making your restoration removable to allow easy maintenance. 

Our dentures are custom-crafted using precise bite impressions and professional-grade materials for enhanced comfort and durability. These meticulously designed dentures closely replicate the appearance and functionality of your natural teeth in virtually every aspect.

High-quality dentures near me

Our dentures offer incredible results and restore the natural beauty of your smile. To get started, please call (951) 688-3442 to schedule an appointment with the Gerald Middleton DDS team for high-quality dentures.