Professional Exams and Cleanings for a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

When was the last time you saw a dentist in Riverside, California? Has it been several months or years? Don’t hold off dental visits until you are in terrible pain or have an obvious dental problem. Regular dental exams and cleanings allow us to stay ahead of dental issues before they become problematic. Please schedule an appointment with Gerald Middleton, DDS, today to keep your oral health on track.

What to expect during a dental exam

A typical dental exam lasts about 1-2 hours. We begin the process by physically examining your mouth for signs of cavities, gum disease, misalignments, failed dental work, etc. We also use dental x-rays to view deeper structures of the teeth and the surrounding tissues. 

Our oral check-ups aren’t just about cavities and gum disease. We examine your lips, tongue, gums, throat, and other structures in the oral cavity for lumps, sores, patches, and other signs of mouth cancer. Our routine oral cancer screenings help detect the disease at its earliest stage when it’s easily treatable. Based on your exam results, our dental team will discuss the next steps to maintain your oral health.

If we don’t find significant issues during your dental exam, it’s time for our dental hygienist to work magic on your smile with professional teeth cleaning (dental prophylaxis). A “prophy” is a professional dental cleaning done by a dentist or hygienist using special tools to remove built-in plaque and tartar (dental calculus), which at-home dental care often misses. 

After cleaning all the surfaces of your teeth, our dental team flosses and polishes your teeth to ensure they shine to their original smoothness. Before you leave, we’ll give you tailored dental advice on keeping your teeth healthy between visits, so you don’t have to hurry back to see the team too soon!

Benefits of routine dental check-ups

We recommend all patients visit a dentist at least twice annually. However, if you are at an increased risk of gum disease or dental decay, we advise you to see us 3-4 times annually. Dental check-ups have numerous benefits beyond keeping your teeth bright. 

Here are the reasons you shouldn’t skip the upcoming dental appointment.

  • To prevent gum disease and bad breath
  • To keep cavities and dental decay away from your smile
  • To protect your overall health from systematic issues
  • Dental cleaning removes surface stains and unsightly dental calculus for a bright smile

We want to keep your teeth and gums healthy — for life. That’s why we offer exceptional general dental care services so you can keep coming back. To book a dental exam with our Drs. Gerald Middleton and Adria Cate, please call (951) 688-3442.