Relaxing Dental Visits with Sedation Dentistry from Gerald Middleton DDS

A date with a dentist can invoke anxiety for many patients, resulting in avoidance of necessary dental treatments. Having recognized that dental anxiety is real, our dentists at Gerald Middleton DDS in Riverside, California, offer sedation dentistry to help patients overcome their fear of the dentist for comfortable and worry-free dental care. With sedation or painless dentistry from Drs. Gerald Middleton and Adria Cate, you no longer have to dread dental visits— your dental appointments become more relaxed and comfortable experiences. 

Understanding sedation dentistry options

Sedation dentistry helps patients remain calm during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry is excellent for patients with dental fear, anxiety, or a low pain threshold. These are the main sedation dentistry options available.

  • Nitrous oxide: Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is a mild form of sedation delivered through a mask placed over the nose. You remain awake but feel relaxed during the procedure. The effects wear off quickly after removing the mask, allowing patients to go on about their everyday activities. This treatment suits patients of all ages, including children and individuals with special needs. 
  • Oral sedation: Oral sedation is ideal for patients with mild to moderate dental fear or undergoing lengthy procedures. The treatment involves taking a prescribed sedative medication (like Valium or Halcion) before the dental appointment. The medicine numbs your senses and helps you lose track of time. Patients remain conscious but deeply relaxed and carefree. Because of the sedation effects, you’ll need to make transport arrangements to and from our office.
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation: IV sedation is a fast-acting form of sedation administered directly into the bloodstream through a vein. It allows for precise control of the level of sedation, depending on the severity of your dental fear. 

When you trace the source of your dental fear, it probably stems from past negative experiences, fear of pain, loss of control, and low pain threshold. Whatever the cause of your dental anxiety, you can enjoy dentistry once more. Sedation dentistry provides a comfortable dental experience for improved oral health.

Take the stress out of dental care with sedation dentistry

Have you been putting off dental treatments because of dental fear? Delayed dental care can compound problems, pain, costs, and degraded systemic health. Take control of your oral health today by dialing (951) 688-3442 to talk to Gerald Middleton DDS, about sedation dentistry.