Consider Professional Teeth Whitening for a Healthy, Radiant Smile

As you age, the natural whiteness of your pearly whites dissipates, revealing a dingy, yellow-like smile. Fortunately, tooth discoloration isn’t permanent. Professional teeth whitening from Gerald Middleton, DDS in Riverside, California, can make your teeth as white as possible. Drs. Gerald Middleton and Adria Cate use clinically proven at-home teeth whitening to overcome discoloration. Our method is effective, convenient, and attains the intended results with zero to minimal tooth sensitivity.

Why do I have yellow teeth? 

Tooth discoloration is a natural part of aging. As you age, your enamel thins out, revealing the yellow-colored dentin. But there is more to tooth staining than your age. Your food and lifestyle choices greatly impact the color of your teeth. Poor oral hygiene causes unsightly tartar and surface stains to accumulate, causing your smile to lose its sparkle. Furthermore, red wine, coffee, tea, and dark berries contain tooth-staining substances that turn your teeth yellow.

Professional teeth whitening in Riverside, California

You’ve probably encountered off-the-shelf whitening products promising over-the-moon results. Don’t fall for their hype. Store-bought whitening gels aren’t as powerful as they claim to be. Most use weak bleaching agents, resulting in short-lived, inconsistent results. Others are unsafe, and the results can be disastrous in the hands of an amateur.

Your smile is precious — don’t jeopardize it with substandard products. Instead, talk to our doctors about our at-home teeth whitening. Using trays pre-filled with professional-grade gel, you can whiten your teeth comfortably and conveniently at home or on the go.

This treatment starts by taking digital scans of your teeth, eliminating the need for messy bite impressions using putty-like material. Using the digital scans, we create a 3D model of your mouth used to design your custom-fitted whitening trays. The final step is to send the digital design to an in-house 3D printer to create your trays as you wait.

We make our bleaching trays with utmost precision, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit over your teeth. You should wear your trays for about 30 minutes daily. In about two weeks, you will achieve the radiant smile you desire. Convenience at its finest, wouldn’t you agree?

Benefits of take-home teeth whitening

These are benefits you reap when you opt for at-home teeth whitening.

  • Convenient treatment
  • Little to no tooth sensitivity
  • It’s more affordable than in-office teeth whitening
  • Whitening trays can be re-used in the future
  • Professionally-guided treatment by our dental team

Whiten your discolored teeth with our convenient option

Look younger with a brighter smile from Gerald Middleton, DDS in Riverside, CA. Please call (951) 688-3442 to book an appointment and learn more about our teeth whitening options. We can’t wait to see your smile shine bright like a diamond.

Many Happy Faces

At a young age our teeth are healthy white. But overtime the enamel coating the tooth is so slowly worn down. Causing our teeth to become stained and yellow, which is why teeth whitening is become increasingly popular today. There are a few methods for whitening. They include at home and in office. With in office treatments, you will see faster results, receive the safest treatment for bleaching the teeth, and yield the whitest smile. So, don’t settle for teeth that have become stained from years of coffee drinking, tobacco use, or just aging. Ask your dentist about whitening options that may be right you.