Achieve a Confident, Healthy Smile with High-quality General Dentistry Services

The team at Gerald Middleton DDS in Riverside, California, is committed to treating our patients with professional care and ultimate commitment. We provide exceptional general dentistry services to ensure you and your loved ones enjoy optimal oral health. Those 32 teeth and the gums surrounding them need to last for life, and Drs. Gerald Middleton and Adria Cate are dedicated to seeing that become a reality. 

Smile all the way with our general dentistry services

Our advanced general dental care services provide the first line of defense against oral problems. We provide dental care services to patients of all ages to meet their growing needs. You can trust our dental team if you need a simple dental cleaning, periodontal care, or other services. 

Our general dental care services include:

  • Dental exams: Routine dental check-ups are the cornerstone of healthy, confident smiles. While at-home dental care is perfect for a healthy smile, you must visit a dentist at least twice a year to complete your oral care regimen. Routine dental exams allow us to inspect your mouth for signs of gum disease, oral cancer, cavities, and other problems. This way, we can detect dental problems early for prompt treatment.
  • Dental cleanings: Our professional cleanings thoroughly clean your teeth to remove built-in plaque and tartar. Dental cleanings complement your everyday brushing and flossing for an issue-free smile.
  • Nightguards: If you chronically grind your teeth at night, you may experience numerous unpleasant symptoms, including headaches and dental damage. Our custom-fitted nightguards protect your oral health from the effects of teeth grinding.
  • Teeth whitening: Have your teeth lost their sparkle? We can restore the glow of your teeth comfortably and conveniently with customized teeth whitening trays. You must wear our trays for 10-14 days to add the needed “wow” factor to your smile. No hassle, no tooth sensitivity — just a radiant smile. 
  • Periodontal care: While teeth are crucial for a captivating smile, the health of your gums is equally essential. Our gum disease therapy is designed to safeguard the well-being of your gums, ensuring they stay infection-free at all times.
  • Dental extractions: No one likes losing their natural teeth, but dental extractions are necessary when your tooth is beyond restoration. We offer gentle yet effective teeth removal services to restore your oral health.
  • Tooth-colored fillings: Dental cavities can be painful and easily lead to tooth loss, but they’re easily treatable with dental fillings. Our office uses white (composite) fillings to overcome cavities with nearly undetectable results.

Time to meet our dental team!

Are you looking for an office you can entrust with your oral health? Contact (951) 688-3442 to schedule an appointment with Gerald Middleton DDS, for unrivaled general dentistry services. Our team can’t wait to help you and your loved ones maintain healthy, glowing smiles for a lifetime.