Treat Cavities in the Front and Back Teeth with Life-looking Composite Fillings

Cavities can be frustrating, especially if you practice diligent oral hygiene. But as annoying as cavities can be, they’re easily treatable with composite fillings. Whether you have a cavity in the front or back teeth, the team at Gerald Middleton DDS in Riverside, California, uses versatile composite fillings to treat cavities. Our tooth-colored fillings match your natural teeth and are barely noticeable when in place. They’re also resilient enough to withstand the daily grinding and chewing forces of posterior teeth.

What to expect during composite fillings treatment

Do you think you are the only person battling cavities? Think again! According to the CDC, over 90% of adults aged 20 and above have had a cavity. Tooth decay is a common problem in the US despite advancements in preventive dental care. 

Luckily, several treatments exist to overcome tooth decay. Our office uses safe and beautiful composite fillings. Below is what to expect when we recommend the procedure.

  • Numbing your gums with local anesthesia. This ensures your treatment is comfortable and painless. 
  • Removing the decayed portion of the tooth. We also clean the area to eliminate all harmful bacteria. 
  • Filling the void left with composite resin — a mixture of acrylic plastic and finely ground glass. 
  • Curing the composite material with a special light.
  • Reshaping the tooth for a comfortable bite.
  • Polishing the tooth for a natural-looking appearance.

A filling replaces the decayed portion with a durable material to restore your tooth’s beauty and appearance. Although composite fillings are easily moldable, they can stay in good shape for 7-10 years with proper care.  

Benefits of white fillings

For years, amalgam fillings were the go-to solution for decayed teeth until studies revealed these restorations have significant safety drawbacks. Today, dentists like Dr. Middleton prefer composite because of its many functional and cosmetic benefits.

Some include:

  • It’s cosmetically appealing 
  • The procedure is minimally invasive
  • Composite is biocompatible with the body
  • It doesn’t change in size despite temperature changes
  • It offers optimal protection
  • Has no known safety concerns

Cavities may not be painful in the early stages, and that is what makes them dangerous. If left untreated, cavities gradually grow deeper. When the damage reaches your tooth pulp, you need expensive restorative treatments or risk tooth extraction. Cavities are irreversible, but dental fillings are an inexpensive option to treat dental decay.

Cavity treatment near me

Don’t let cavities damage your beautiful smile. Instead, call (951) 688-3442 to schedule an appointment with Gerald Middleton, DDS, in Riverside, CA. Our dental team will help you achieve a cavity-free smile with beautiful restorations.